My First English Adventure Bilingual Center accepts children from 12 months through 6 years of age (preschool).

Enrollment in our Center means a rich educational experience for your child in a nurturing, safe environment.

We offer full time and part time programs!

Full Time - anytime between 7:00 am until 7:00 pm.

Part Time - anytime between 7:00 am until 1:00 pm.

We invite you to schedule a tour!

To enroll your child:

•Contact My First English Adventure to check for placement openings and schedule a tour.
•Complete the Enrollment Agreement.
•Select a date to get started!

Our Induction Programme

The induction process at My First English Adventure is a simple method that encourages children to gradually gain confidence in their new environment. The most important part of the induction process is making children comfortable at all times at the same time allowing them to experience the fun and exciting surroundings that a nursery can offer. Inductions are totally personalised, below is a typical example of how children may spend their first few days at the center: 

Day One
Parents are invited to come to the center and spend a short time with their child getting accustomed to teachers and a new environment for a short period, typically of thirty minutes to one hour.

Day Two
Parents will spend a similar amount of time with their child as in day one, only this time the child is left to play and join in some activities, getting accustomed to teachers, activities and their new friends, parents leave for a longer period comparable to that in day one.

Day Three
Parents will spend a short while with children and then depart, leaving the child free to join in all the different activities and routines alone. At this stage children should not feel a great deal of anxiety and should be happy to spend a considerable part of the day at the center. Parents will be called to pick up their children should children feel a real need to be with their parents. In subsequent days children should feel confident and happy enough to stay in the center for the full session.

If at any stage children experience great discomfort parents are called to pick them up immediately and parents are able to be in constant contact with the nursery for reassurance and peace of mind. We must stress that each induction is completely dependant on the child and there may be instances where children complete the induction process considerably faster or slower than in the example above.

We have started the enrollment for the Summer School (June, July and August) and for the 2024/2025 academic year

Visit Parents' Corner for updated information and enrollment forms!
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