The Center

Our Bilingual Child Care & Education Center’s facility in Otopeni offers a structured educational program and early childhood care that is delivered primarily in English. Instructional content is bilingual (Romanian and English). All teachers are fully bilingual in both Romanian and English.

 The mission of My First English Adventure Bilingual Child Care & Education Center is to support the natural development of bilingual (Romanian/English) language skills and cultural awareness while preparing children for success in school. The Center has the following goals:
1) Create an environment of immersed language learning implemented by highly qualified teachers who are fully bilingual (Romanian/English).
2) Foster creativity and healthy intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development, recognizing and nurturing each child’s unique gifts in preparation for success in school.
3) Provide a safe, caring, and respectful environment that honors diversity and cultural awareness.

We have started the enrollment for the Summer School (June, July and August) and for the 2021/2022 academic year

Visit Parents' Corner for updated information and enrollment forms!
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